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Yes. I am a home owner and need a loan

Home loans between $10,000 - $25,000 in under 24 hours*

About Us

Access Mortgage is an Ontario based mortgage brokerage providing home, commercial and farm loans for purchases and refinances. We can also do debt consolidation loans, equity release for renovations and business investments.

LendFastTM is a service offered by Access Mortgage specifically for home owners who need a quick short-term loan of between $10-$25,000.

Why Use LendFastTM ?

The principal benefit of a LendFastTM loan is that we can get it to you very quickly, usually within 24 hours. Also, compared with a conventional mortgage the costs are a lot lower. This is because we have no legal, broker or lender fees. Instead we have a simple admin fee to set up the loan which covers the cost to register the loan and cover disbursements.

How it works

Getting your loan is very easy.

STEP 1: Complete the enquiry form on this page.

STEP 2: Talk to an agent

STEP 3: Get an immediate approval

STEP 4: eSign Offer Letter

STEP 5: Sign Loan documents

STEP 6: Provide ID and copy of property insurance

STEP 7: Money is dropped into your account the next day.

The LendFastTM Difference:

  LendFastTM Payday Loan Home Equity Loan
No Broker Fee , Home , Home , Home
No Legal Fees , Home , Home , Home
No Lender Fee* , Home , Home , Home
No Appraisal , Home , Home , Home
Low interest** , Home , Home , Home
No Renewal Fees , Home , Home , Home
Open term , Home , Home , Home
No prepayment penalty , Home


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* Fixed $1250 setup fee deducted from advance

** Compared with Payday Loans (19.99% APR)

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